I Love programming designing developing photography

My Story

As a 21 years old Computer Engineer graduate I've been looking foward getting the most knowledge as possible, learning as many languages and frameworks I get interested in, in order to have the whole panorame and make my path.
On my way I've been able to work with Web Applications using Angular, AngularJS, along with JavaScript/TypeScript, also with Electron for desktop applications and Bootstrap, Materialize, SASS as I like UI/UX design a lot. I've also had plenty projects with mobile development, which I can say I like it the most. I've work with native android development using Java and hybrid alternatives for both android and iOS using NativeScript, Xamarin(Windows Phone included) and Ionic Framework.

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Personal Information

Name : Erika Gutiérrez
Age : 21 Years
Email : erikagutierrez01@gmail.com
Address : Venezuela/Colombia